Get your Popcorn Ready with Alexa!

The Best Security Practices Using Alexa’s New Technology



Amazon has recently launched a Wi-Fi-connected and Alexa-activated microwave that can respond to voice commands. Can you say “Alexa, the popcorn ready!” It can even reorder food from Amazon automatically using the Dash Replenishment Services. Compared to the standard microwaves, Amazon enhanced the device with security features such as Alexa Guard. The feature not only responds to food-related commands but also security. Based on Amazon’s reports, the technology can stand guard when the house is empty. People invest in smart devices because they can automatically analyze and respond to unusual situations. Amazon has modified the home assistant program to respond to various devices since its development. Today, people will not only enjoy it in the kitchen but also as a source of enhancing protection. Some of the best security practices you can implement using Alexa’s latest innovation include:

Theft-deterrent – The new technology comes with cool tricks that can deceive robbers into thinking ‘someone is home’. It can play convincing scenes set up in a theatrical manner. The best feature includes the guard mode which can become activated by saying “Alexa, I am leaving.” In your absence, the program responds instantly to various sounds such as a glass breaking and security alarms (like a smoke detector going off). The technology also uses the Away Light feature to scare thieves away by turning lights on and off. Unfortunately, some of these outstanding traits are only available in the United States and later in the United Kingdom.

Emergency Contact – Since Alexa can connect to another Alexa-enabled gadget, you can use voice command to make emergency calls especially if you cannot reach your phone.  Note that, the feature does not act as a substitute for 911; it seeks help from your loved ones accessing your phone book and sending a text message or making a call.

First-Aid – You can activate the Mayo Clinic skill using Alexa and obtain useful information regarding emergency treatment. The program contains a wide range of medical instructions including how to dress minor wounds or perform CPR. Unless you or your loved one is in a critical condition, the new technology can assist in offering first-aid.

The bottom line is that Amazon has invented a security option in the form of a microwave. Although the device will perform regular tasks, its advanced features will offer users extra services. The installed Alexa Guard program begins monitoring immediately after activation. In case of a break-in or fire, the system alerts you with smart texts. It also has the ability to switch lights on and off randomly. Therefore, the technology can play deception tricks upon detecting intrusion. Scaring thieves is not the only task Alexa Guard can accomplish. It can connect to various security products and offer assistance. The extent to which the technology integrates with the other smart devices is unknown, but so far, it can facilitate emergency treatment using medical instructions. It can also alert your loved ones in case of an emergency. We expect Amazon to introduce more sophisticated features on their devices in the future.


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